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ARTLUX Künstler - Nazim Rahmanov

Nazim Rahmanov

ARTLUX Künstler Nazim Rahmonov, Mühlengalerie Thomas Lux,Ostgroßefehn

Nazim Rahmanov

1946- born in Baku, Azerbaijan
1966- graduated from A.Azimzadeh Art School
1974- graduated from art faculty of Moscow State Isntitute of Polygraphy
1976- member of Azerbaijan Artists Union
1989- participant of International Painting Symposium (Warsaw, Poland)
1989- Gold medal of Art Biennial of Caspian States
2002- Honored artist of Azerbaijan

Works are acquired and kept at:
State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow, Russia)
"Zimmerli" Art Museum (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
State Art Museum (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Museum of Modern Art (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Private collections:
Norton Dodge (New Jersey, USA), Alexander Lev (New York, USA),
İlya Kaplan (Moscow, Russia), Ariana Myers (London, Great Britain),
Togrul Bagirov (Baku, Azerbaijan / Moscow, Russia) etc.
his artwork "Three musicians" is exhibited at the Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Paris, France
The work "Pharaoh" participated at the Art Project "Landfillart" organized by "Landfillart Incoroporated" (Pennsylvania, USA) is displayed on the official website of the organization (http://landfillart.org/)

Selected International Exhibitions:

1987- Tokyo, Kasama, Japan

1988- Warsaw, Poland

1989- Houston, USA

1992- "Basin" Museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

1994- Embassy of Azerbaijan (Moscow, Russia)

2000- International exhibition of Turk states (Ankara, Turkey)

2002-2003- Moscow, Russia
2006- Budapest, Hungary

2007- Exhibition dedicated to tragedies of Humanity (Lidice, Czech Republic)

2009- "Landfill Art" International Art Project (Pennsylvania, USA
2009- 5th Tashkent International Modern Art Biennial

2013 – "Home Sweet Home", Contemporary art exhibition, Paris, France

Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, USA
("International Contemporary Masters 2010")

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ArtlUX Künstler Nazim Rahmanov, Mühlengalerie Thomas Lux,Ostgroßefehn

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